MIPS company

MIPS was established as a company in the growing Belarusian market
in 1992. At this time, it comprised of just three employees and the
main functions of the businesses consisted of assembling and retailing
PCs and accompanying computer parts and accessories.

From 1995 on, our company began specialising in the sales of personal
computers and supplying inventory to other businesses in the supply
chain as well as to other vendors and corporate clients.

In 2002, MIPS was the first company in Belarus to implement the B2B
system, which allows clients to not only keep track of the current
price-list and the inventory data but to also independently register
the necessary commodities in our facility.

By 2008, the B2B system was fully developed and established as a
business practise standard at MIPS. Now, with our newer and improved
system, our customers can keep track of and register not only our
products, but also those of our partners. This provides our customers
with the widest assortment of products that they can readily access
and compare in all of Belarus.

As of 2007, our company has targeted itself as a Belarusian
distribution leader of top-notch international manufacturers of
notebooks and PCs.

In our experience, we have adopted the policy that direct
relationships with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to minimise
our total costs while providing our client base with the most
reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Thanks to our
personal experience after nearly twenty years on the market, we have
gained a better understanding of the demands of our customers than all
of our competitors.

Our company is constantly looking for potential leading-edge
international suppliers that have incorporated the latest innovation
technologies and are suitable to foster potential business

If you have questions about MIPS or are interested in doing business
with MIPS, please do not hesitate to contact our employees.


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Tryhubkin Kiryl
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